Tonight (Song)


I am gonna be alright

Cz I gave my heart to you

Cz it all just feels so new


I m gonna map a life 

Cz I found a world in you 

No lie it is but so true 


I m gonna get a flight

From the sorrows I get to face 

To a new way on steady pace 


I m gonna sleep in blue 

Not worrying the demon in head

To a new sun shining and red

I’ll set out as the birds will coo

I’ll fight my way to you 

Tonight, Tonight, Toniiiiiggghhht …

Happy Father’s Day

To Men

Who are trying hard 

To get their family through

Hard times


To men who are yet to have 

Children of their own

To men who adopt children 

To give them name and fame 

To men who lost their children 

In accident or in flame 

In hard times of the country 

Or in the bloody game 

To men who have to be 

Single fathers in here 

To men who are trying hard

For union out there 

To Fathers to be 

And not to be 

Not forgetting mothers 

Standing up as fathers 

To you all I say 

Happy Father’s day !


Robert Frost said, ” The best way out is always through”. Why is it so? Why there is no other way? Why suffering is important? Instead of out why can’t we stay in?

According to Rumi, “The cure for pain is within the pain”. Suffering is important to understand the true meaning of anything. A soul before birth never knows what it means to be born. Life demands living before it shows its real colors. To understand love one must endure it. To overcome a disease one must go through it. No one knows what death is until they pass the veil between life and death.

I wish there had been another way but there isn’t sadly…


They say that nothing protects the heart like patience. I agree … Totally agree. The more patience you have the more at peace you feel yourself. I particularly like to keep myself at peace. I don’t get my hopes up too high too fast nor do I serve my doubts for too long. I never let my fear come out of my mouth. I am not the strong one … not at all. I may be the weakest of all but I am better than many and that certainly doesn’t make me a hero. I had to realize that not everyone can handle everything. Rough times are always there and I can never put up with everyone around me. People make promises on a sunny day but not everyone understands that what it really means to stand by someone in storm. People not only leave your side but also forget you all the way because despite you being sincere and rightful they think you are not. They are so used to fake things and relations that they don’t want anything real anymore. They are just looking out for a version of themselves. But I … I am patient about all these things. The things that make me impatient are none of these. I am not an arrogant fool who because of her narcissistic, sociopathic behavior feel like everyone is trying to get beyond me or trying to drag me down. I am impatient because I want to stay away from people who lie or try to manipulate me. I cannot allow someone to displease me or hurt me. I am not patient anymore with hypocrites, dishonest and cynical people. If people don’t like me or love me they should stay back. If they cannot say whatever they are saying by heart they should not say it as I hate exaggeration and flattering. I hate being in relations where there is no truth or loyalty. Such people don’t deserve my patience or my love and I am patient with it.

I Love Fall

Fallen leaves are more beautiful to me

Than blossomed flowers 

I love fall 


Because it comes with a hope

That after this there will be a new beginning

Not with new connections​

But those same old trees 

Will unfold new opportunities to grow …


When we first met, you told me about yourself… You told me about all you have done throughout life, in school, in college, at home… You made me aware of all the aspects of your life except negative ones and we became friends… But it were your darkest moments that drew me closer to you… I loved you in your darkest moments when you were falling apart … When you were trying to hide all the things from world but couldn’t hide them from me… When I held you in my arms like I m holding whole world…  When your eyes told me the untold stories… I loved not the person you were for the world around rather I loved you in all those forms that were known by you only…  I loved you when you were not trying to become better but remained who you are… I loved you when you laughed at my silly acts and loved you when you yourself act silly… I love u now and forever will not because I need to love but because you deserve to be loved …

You are the Reason Why !


Looking up at the constellations

Thinking of the immensities of the sky

Looking down at the dewy grass

Feels like some rain stopped by

Pondering upon the things life has to offer

Finding out a reason for one last try

The silence of night is sinking my heart

I am crying out loud this one word “why”

At that very moment I see you coming

Gazing at me and passing by

For that moment’s sake I smiled

And felt the world’s utmost joy

I think I found a reason to stay

A reason to live my life not die…


Lately I have been thinking about love and stuff. I often see people around me who just see someone somewhere and fell head over heels in love and after some months or years the “love” fades away and they either breakup or live together like aliens. Upon asking they usually reply, “He never loved me”, “She doesn’t care”, “We don’t fit together”. Is that love? No, it is not. Love is not spotting someone in a crowd and crushing over them. It is certainly not about knowing someone’s all favorite things in the world. It’s about getting to know someone’s inner self. It is about giving yourself time to understand them and giving them time to understand you. The only thing that can actually prove true love is the test of time. Only time can tell you whether you are in love or not.

To Hold You

I cannot fathom why

When the skies are grey

And sunlight tries really hard

To reach the Earth

I feel like reaching out

Spreading my hands to hold you

Just like the sunlight

Combats every particle in her way

To embrace the universe out there

To Hold You

I cannot fathom why

When the skies are grey

And sunlight tries really hard

To reach the Earth

I feel like reaching out

Spreading my hands to hold you

Just like the sunlight

Combats every particle in her way

To embrace the universe out there